Skin Technology is Scotland’s leading specialists in non-surgical treatments, skincare and anti-ageing solutions.

skin-home-imageSkin Technology is Scotland’s leading specialists in non-surgical treatments, skincare and anti-ageing solutions. If you would like your skin to look and feel more rejuvenated, then you need to call us.

City centre Specialist Laser and Skin Aesthetics clinic, you will receive a completely confidential and welcoming environment, with the latest technology and state of the art equipment, including a free Visia skin analysis, included with a free one to one consultation, to allow a complete understanding of each individual patients personal requirements, to guarantee a successful outcome both immediately and long term, to specifically tailor a home care and clinic pathway for success and outstanding results. Skin Technology prides itself in maintaining personal relationships with each and every patient for many years, and a large number of patients have remained with us for more than 15 years. Every one of these patients look and feel much better then their age, and you can too.

Our technology is sourced with many years of knowledge and experience in the medical aesthetics industry we are constantly looking for the most powerful, safest and advanced machinery and products available in the world, using the most powerful Retin A products, the safest Laser Hair Removal system for all skin types, specialist Acne treatments, including Laser Fractional Resurfacing and Radio Frequency Skin Tightening treatments and very few clinics in the UK are able to compete with Skin Technology in regards, to knowledge, professionalism, technology and expertise.

Surgery such as face lifts, eye bag removal, and upper and lower Blephorplasty may not be the answer to a achieve more youthful look, sometimes all that money spent does not give you what you were looking for, surgical tightening does not make a skin look more youthful. Remember a bright, fresh, clean, finer skin with less lines and wrinkles will take years off us in just a few days. Come in and find out about the secret to younger rejuvenated skin.

Party Season Special Offer:-

Well I am not sure where this year has disappeared, summer has flown by in a flash, thank goodness the weather has been so kind to us, it almost still feels like summer, Scotland has definitely had a busy year!!

So lets start to get ready for the winter season and Christmas Parties etc,  now is the best time to do this, and so I am happy to offer three options for your skin preparation for “lovely glowing party skin”.

First Option:- Full Face Skin Tightening for £70 or 2 for £130

Second Option:- Same as above plus Laser Skin Tightening £30 per treatment

Third Option:- Same as above plus Super Light Fractional Full Face £150

All three of these can be done on the same day for an amazing result, the first two options have no down time, and you will walk out with a glowing skin, the Third Option will require two days off, this is a brilliant option to make sure the skin is at its best for Christmas.

This offer only applies for November 2014 so please book now to secure your appointment.

Please call us to discuss in more detail or wish to make an appointment. Skin Technology 0141 2222 503





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